Investigation from the top of a comfy rickshaw

If you are searching for a special relaxing program with your family or your partner, you are at the right place! Ride a rickshaw while playing with one of Miratia’s city games in the heart of Budapest!

logokMiratia is a city treasure hunt game for Android and iOS smartphones, in which sightseeing is combined with geocaching, escape games and treasure hunting in one game. Sightseeing is a real adventure with Miratia games and all this is with you in your smartphone or tablet.

grafikaGames in Budapest are available in Hungarian, English, German, French, Italian and Russian .

More information: http://www.miratia.com/where-is-it-available/budapest/

How can you play?

Visit Miratia page in Google Play or in AppStore, download the app then sign in with your email address or Facebook account.

After that you will see the list of available games in your area with their genres. Choose the one you prefer and click on the „Download” button!

Android users, attention! We recommend you to try our free game first, to check if the App runs on your phone or tablet. Our free game’s called: Saving a Soul.

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Have fun!